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Botswana destinations for safaris

Botswana Camps & Lodges

Audi Camp BotswanaAudi Camp
Camp Moremi BotswanaCamp Moremi
Camp Okuti Okavango Delts BotswanaCamp Okuti
Camp Okavango Botswana MoremiCamp Okavango
Chitabe Camp BotswanaChief's Camp
Chobe Game Lodge Chobe National ParkChitabe Camp
Chobe Marina Lodge BotswanaChobe Game Lodge
Deception Valley Lodge Botswana SafariChobe Marina Lodge
Delta Safari Camp Botswana SafariCrocodile Camp
Elephant Camp Victoria FallsDeception Valley Lodge
Footsteps Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana SafariDelta Safari Camp
Gunn's Camp Okavango Delta, Botswana SafariDuba Plains Camp
Kubu Safari Lodge Botswana SafariDuma Tau Camp
Kwaraa Camp Okavango Delta, Botswana SafariElephant Camp, Victoria Falls
Leroo la Tau Botswana SafariFootsteps Camp
Grassland Safari Lodge Grassland Safari Lodge
Mariolina's Victoria FallsGunn's Camp
Modumo LodgeJacana Camp
Mombo Camp Botswana SafariKings Pool
Motsentsela Tree Lodge, Botswana SafariKubu Safari Lodge
Nxabega Okavango Safari CampKwara
Pom Pom Camp Botswana SafariLeroo La Tau
Pom Pom Camp BotswanaLinyanti Camp
Savute Safari LodgeLittle Mombo
Savuti Camp BotswanaMariolina's, Victoria Falls
Tsaro Elephant LodgeMapula Lodge
Xugana Island Lodge Botswana SafariMombo Safari Camp
Tsaro Elephant LodgeMotsentsela Tree Lodge
Tsaro Elephant LodgeNxabega Okavango Safari Camp
Tsaro Elephant LodgePom Pom Camp
Xigera Camp BotswanaSandibe Safari Lodge
Tsaro Elephant LodgeSantawani
Tsaro Elephant LodgeSavute Safari Lodge
Tsaro Elephant LodgeSavuti Camp
Xugana Island Lodge Botswana SafariSemetsi Camp
Xugana Island Lodge Botswana SafariXigera Island Lodge
Xugana Island Lodge Botswana SafariXugana Island Lodge
Xugana Island Lodge Botswana SafariXakanaxa Camp
Okavango Delta, Lodges in the Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park, Botswana

Safaris-Botswana selected lodges

To the left, you'll find a concise list of tented camps and lodges which we at Safaris-Botswana have carefully selected and recommended because they fulfill our specific criteria:

  • great value for money
  • good location
  • good service
  • excellent facilities and
  • well-organised activities.

An unparalleled safari experience of Botswana's rugged natural beauty awaits you on your safari vacation. Our safari lodges and game camps provide all the comfort you need while you enjoy a 'real safari' experience.

If you have any questions about travelling, we would be glad to assist with planning your ideal, personalised safari vacation package. We can advise on the different locations and accommodation, safari options and the best time of year to travel. Our recommendations come from our personal experience, and our personal commitment to your vacation satisfaction.




























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